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grampadrew is an acoustic troubador hailing from San Diego, California, who often performs as a duo with cellist, Erin Browder. With his heart rooted in the DIY spirit of his teenage post-punk years, grampadrew brings together a mash-up of the old and new. Diverse influences such as Joy Division, Wilco, John Prine, Crass and Hank Williams can be heard on his premier CD, Cut From The Cloth. Described as an artist who alternates between "the fire of a street-preacher and the quiet of a grave-digger", you'll find the one consistency is an honest lyrical sense that gets straight to the heart of the matter then rips it out for examination and puts it on display.


Throughout his career, grampadrew has shared the stage with artists like Camper Van Beethoven, Eddie Spaghetti, Cracker, Slim Cessna's Autoclub and old school punk acts like Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds) and TSOL. His new CD is a veritable who's who of San Diego talent, with musicians who've played in such bands as White Buffalo, Truckee Brothers, Nortec Collective, Transfer and Silent Comedy as well as guest appearances by international multi-platinum artists like Simon Jones of The Verve.